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Reader Responses

There's been a lot of positive feedback coming in about this on-line version of The Tightrope Walker's Dream, and I'm grateful for all of it. Thank you to all of you who write me about the book. My appreciative replies follow your italicized remarks on the rest of this page.

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Sonia: What a delightful, fun, inspirational and wise story! I am glad I ran into you (or you ran into me) and invited me to read your book. The stars of your illustrations remind me of those in a favorite children's book of mine, and -like you- they are full of such bright energy! I also love the circus metaphor. Wonderful. Thank you!
I too am glad you read it. As for running into each other, yes let's.

delfina piretti: This should should be on every schools reading list , actually , every persons! So much to love about it ! Nice work Graham.
Thank you, Delfina, I will work on those lists!

anonymous: This is such a great book! The drawings are wonderful! The meaning of the book was definitely true! I am glad I read it :D
I am glad you it read it too! I am also glad you shared your generous response. Happy!

Mila: What a wonderful, incredible story! I am Nine Years Old, and i love your story!
Hi Mila. (I love the name Mila.) I'm glad you liked the story. You sound like a very smart girl, using words like wonderful and incredible at the young age of 9! I am very impressed and I strongly encourage you to write a chlidren's book and draw all the pictures too. I like pictures of playful monkeys the most! Ooh ooh ahhhh ahhhh ooh ooh ahhhhhh

anonymous: Superior thinking demonstrated above. Thanks!
I absolutely LOVE that this terse and flattering remark arrived anonymously so anyone reading it can speculate that I wrote it myself! Whoever you are (as if I don't know!) I am so glad you posted and glad you enjoyed.

Denise: Hi Graham, I met you at the "Petals in the Dust" fundraiser the other night. It was great meeting you and love your book -- very inspiring -- the heart is where it's at - the true self beyond ego, self doubt, and fear...
Hi Denise! It was fun gathering petals with you. Glad you had a chance to check out the book. Thanks for your cheer for the heart! Ra ra!

the~girl~at~Noreiga~Pizza: What a great book! A zen lesson for "kids" of all ages. Thanks for encouraging me to check it out. I know just whom I shall share this with! And the illustrations are completely charming as well!
Glad you liked it. I thought you might. Which means I recognized a fine heart at work in you even though I did not know you. It was easy to see. I invite you to feel confident about that. Your fine heart is visible to the rest of us.

Patty Morris: Your book helped me remember that I don't need to ~know~ in my head. I just have to keep putting one foot in front of the other and trust my heart.
Thanks for reminding me, Patty. Thanks for reminding everyone. I forget all the time.

Claire: Graham! I am so happy to read/see and know your story--and can't wait to get the actual book! It will certainly help my son Owen find his way in this world--and his mom certainly too! I love the drawings: just perfect!... THANK YOU!!!
Hi Claire. I'm equally glad to hear your response to the book. Thank you so much for letting me know. I really thrive on the reminders. Best of luck to you and Owen.

Katy @Baker: A very sweet and clever story that tells kids something we have all attempted to tell them in some way, at some point. Loved it:) Thanks, Graham.
Keep telling them, eh! And the adults too. Lead the way, my friend.

Julie Blankenship: I loved the illustrations and amazing positivity of the story. The ending was especially wonderful. XOL
Thank you, Julie, for echoing that amazing positivity with your kind remark.

cleemckenzie: I finally had the time to read your book. Thanks for sharing. I'll post something about it on my blog. I'm also sending it to some readers I know and love.
C. Lee, thanks for the note, and congrats on your book also: Sliding On The Edge. I look forward to a guest appearance in your blog WriteGame, which has a lot of great writerly stuff in it.

Nanna Nan: Thank you it is a delightful story. As soon and I finished I sent it off straight away to my 3 year old grandson the "reader". He gets his love of reading from his Mum as she is a poet. Thank you for making my stop at the cafe so enjoyable.
I'm glad you enjoyed the book, Nan, and I look forward to a review by the "reader". May the cafe favor us again in the future.

dawgirl: Amazing story so uplifting and good for children. Something they need to know.
Thanks, I really appreciate your view point. I think adults need to know at least as much as kids, so I'm thrilled to offer the message in the form of children's story, which is subversive because it makes adults read it a lot. [Insert mad scientist laugh here]

Robin: Beautifully illustrated with a very profound message for all ages. My friend from Bookrix sent me over to read it, and I'm very happy I did. Thank you!
Robin, thanks to you also! Bookrix is an awesome sight full of devoted writers and loving readers. I really appreciate that you are acting as one. Spread the word!

betty c: That was great fun to read and I loved the illustrations.
Thank you, Betty! I'm glad you enjoyed it. The illustrations were a lot of fun to make, often very surprising as they occurred.

Paula Shene: Thank you for the chance on reading this book - my granddaughter will love it!
Please do share it with her, Paula. I am imagining the two of you having fun talking about all the little things that are going on in the illustrations.

zhenya: You are a talented guy, Graham.
Thanks, Zhenya. We dreamers have to remind each other so our inspiration stays alive. I really appreciate your remark.

JAC Patrissi: I say, "YES!" thank you
Glad you liked it! YES! I agree.

Alma L. Moore: This was by far one of the best childrens' book I have read....I will pass this on to all my Facebook friends and family. I thank you for sharing such insightful words.
And I thank you, Alma, for your kind feedback. It really makes my day to hear from readers who clicked with the book.

Valerie Schlafke: thank you neighbor just the message I needed today!
glad to be of service, Valerie, and to meet you

Ted Smith: Me and my kids loved your book.
Me and my book loved your kids :)

Susan Haugenes: I just got your book yesterday and I wanted to tell you I've read it three times. I love it!!!!! How wise, insightful and beautiful. Thank you. I can't wait to share it with my kids.
I've always felt it gets better with each reading. Thanks for the affirmation!

jinxi: Graham, thank you for your sharing. That's a best dream. It will be a good life. I had enjoyment from your book.
Thank you, Circus Monkey!

anonymous: Graham, your book set off a series of profound changes in my life. And now I see how it is affecting my friend's life in a similar, but different, way. What power! Thank you.
I'm very grateful you told me. I wish you both ongoing Grace. Love each other! Your friend, Graham.

Trey DiCarlo: MY name is Trey. i am 6 years old. I loved the book. I used it for homework.
For homework? Great! I never thought of that, Trey. I should have. I've only used it for sandwich meat. But I was pretty hungry that year.

Jake DiCarlo: Hi- I'm Jake and i am 8. I know the author's message is to follow your dreams. Like you did to write this book.
Jake, you follow your dreams too. Don't be afraid. Life is a gift. Open it like it's Christmas every day!

Nate DiCarlo: I am Nate i am 5 "your weird".
Weird rhymes with beard. You better go shave yours. The beard police will arrest you for it. You're only 5!

Alison Hays: MUAH!!!!
Now that's a response!

Teresa: WOW, what an amazing book! You are extremely talented Graham!
That's very kind of you, Teresa. I'm glad you enjoyed the book. Thanks for saying so. Gb.

Galina: I just read the third, hidden, book. What fun! Too bad it will not show up in the print version.
Yes, Galina, but its absence there makes its presence here more delicious. Glad you enjoyed it. Only the sharpest readers discover the secret links.

Victoria: Thank you for sharing this wonderful book! I recently started walking on the tightrope so I could definitely relate to the doubts in the story. The illustrations are a lovely interpretation of the circus world! I really hope you come out with a print version sometime.
Thanks, Victoria. I appreciate your remarks and applaud your bravery. It's not easy walking a tightrope. I wish you extraordinary delight as you learn.

Roy & Corina Bird: Thanks for sending this to us. It's delightful and helps us remember you from your time in Fairbanks. Roy's recommending the book to his grandsons in Utah.
You're welcome. Thanks for reading it. I remember you guys plenty. I miss all the good parties at your house on Dogwood, especially the ones when you were in the states! Ha ha....

Alison Purple Hays: I don't even know where to begin- I think we've walked the same walk- You're doing what I want to do- and what you've been through is what I've been through, and I'm proud of you coming out on the other side still smiling- I really hope to see you again soon- You have always brought laughter into my life since age what- 9? 10? I'm just happy for you :) (((Alison)))
Thanks, Alison. Love the bouquet of parentheses, as J.D. Salinger would call it.

Charlotte, Lee, Laurie: Hey, we just read your book. It rocked. A very sweet tale. Thank you for sharing. Yes, indeed. It's wonderful.
Thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it. Let's stretch a tightrope and visit each other for parties.

Jim: Graham, Just read this again and sent to Christy. She's been in the middle of some hard decisions, and this story continues to offer beautifully sage and sane advice in a world of crazy, self-inflated decisions. Thank you - Jim
Thanks, Jim. Since this book came into the world, I've regarded it as a re-reader, by which I mean it pays big dividends in terms of entertainment and inspiration/wisdom to return readers, those who are familiar enough with it to slow down and take in the wider scope of it a second or third time.

Kirsten Mahoney: I would love to live in a place painted with these colors and ideas...thanks for letting me visit there, at least for a spell.
Kirsten, you're welcome, always welcome. And thank you for enjoying all the secret links!

Brother Jason: Awesome!
Totally :)

Katie: Well, it took two readings, and then a third, backwards, to get me here, and I say, thank you. So many just right, and clever, and imaginative, and soulful, inside-outside-upside-downside things, I loved about your book. I hope that it is a board book someday for the hungry artist inside us all. It gives much to ingest and ride and ride and ride. It traveled from you, to my lovey-doveys, to me, and will keep on keeping on. Thank you, k
Katie, your word play clearly suggests a children's author at the keyboard. It all starts with good fun. You're already there. Feed your hungry artist, my friend. The starving world awaits its next meal.

Genevieve Sterbenz: It's so nice to see that you're still writing! It's a beautiful story. I'm so glad I stumbled upon it. I wish you much love and success.
What an absolute treat to hear from you, Miss Genevieve. Thank you kindly for your enthusiasm about the book. The news of your reading it and enjoying it makes me very happy.

Brian Hollis: I really enjoyed your book, G.
Thanks, Brian, I hope it puts a star under your step!

Judi Butin: I'm so proud to be your cousin. Wish we lived closer together so I could hear your heart more often. Love you.
I know what you mean. I love you too, dear cousin! Whenever we do see each other it feels like we're brother and sister. Hey, did you hear that? It was the sound of my heart again!

Marje Slavin: The book is totally wonderful!! I just discovered the secret page turners. Ha! In fact, ha ha ha all the way through.
Thanks for being such a careful reader, Marje. I am smiling that you are enjoying yourself.

J.C.: Thank you for your wonderful book; a dear friend suggested it and what a great suggestion.
That's music to my ears, J.C. Let's tell more dear friends.

Anonymous: I particularly like the picture where he is on the tightrope with the entire earth below him—I'm sure we've all felt like that at times.
I appreciate this remark, stranger. Art is redeeming for me precisely for this reason of universalizing our challenges. How totally poetic, therefore, that your insightful comment came to me without a name attached!

Adam Ruderman: Excellent job! I had no idea you were working on a children's book, but as I think about it, it is entirely appropriate!
It would be appropriate for you too, Adam. When's yours coming out? It's bound to be a doozy! The story of an organic farmer who hires himself to paint his own barn, which turns out to be his mother-in-law, who's been secretly milking all the cows. Go!

Susan Pascale: Hi, I loved it!!!! congrats
Sue be dooby doo!

Zion Shohet: I thought it was excellent and the illustrations are unbelievable. Sent link to all my nephews and nieces... thanks for putting some art into my weekend.
Mazel Tov! Todah, heveri.

Robert Carnal: I liked the book and found the media format interesting. For eleven years, I was a preschool teacher (before I got into computers full time). I'd be interested to hear how this book is received by children, especially in its present format. Do you plan to do a paper book?
Yes, Robert, I'd like to print the book into the real world in a paper version. I pray for the time and dedication. I pray for such things for you as well on all your favorite projects. Thanks for writing to me. By the way, kids have been enjoying the book. I've read it to groups of them and they totally get it, which is powerful to see.

Lisa Schnell: I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Tightrope Walker! I was actually quite blown away by it—all parts of it. The illustrations are completely magical and the verse is so.... you! Funny and sweet and profound. Amazing. It's such a beautiful thing to be able to say you created. And I'm honored beyond words to have been included in your acknowledgements!
Thanks, Lisa. But you are on the gratitude page for many reasons, one of which is that you encouraged me to be creative with my papers and presentations in your class. I really needed to be seen for that side of me and you expanded the rules to help me at a critical time. The other reasons are too numerous to list. That said, if I'm really in your prayers, then please always pray that I am praying for you too. I will be. I'm happiest at those times.

Lilia Assaoulenka: I read it and loved it! Very cute, easy to read and cool pictures. Wow, you are talented! I am going to read it to my son when he gets older :)
Bring him to San Francisco and the author will read it to him also. Or some time when the author is in New York. The author will consult the author's schedule and arrange things with the author. Signed, the author's sense of humor.

Andrew Beirne: Huge congratulations on getting this done. I hope it's a hit with your friendly audience and beyond. We're trying to figure out a way to create a good, sturdy, color print-out of the book for Nora. She will love the artwork. The hurdle is that she consumes books as a reader and as an infant alike, so any print-out will be page-turned, beaten, chewed, and flung. She already enjoys turning pages in certain favorite books, and I think with the colors and the graphics, your book will easily make the short list. Until then, we'll just show it to her on the computer.
Um, she doesn't chew on the computer too, does she? Like father, like daughter, I suppose. You know they're called laptops not pork chops. Sing along with me: You say potato....

Kathy Humphreys: I love your on-line book and all the hidden treasures. Thank you for making life sweeter by being in it and living your creative spirit out loud for the rest of us to enjoy!
Ironically, this comment is so moving to me that I'm speechless. Thank you.

Michael Wright: I like it, I especially like that you are in one way or another teaching existentialism to children.
First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes Sartre in a baby carriage, sucking his thumb, wetting his pants, do the exi-stential dance. It looks a bit like John Travolta in Saturday Night Fever, especially the leisure suit.

Jennifer Mitchell: congrats on the tightroper's website. the vibrant colors are so beautiful to look at.
Now Jennifer, were you stoned when you wrote this? People ask me that question a lot too so I thought I'd share it around with someone I could trust to laugh at it. But I gotta go, I've got the munchies....

Ilene Schroeder: How lovely!! Thanks.
You're welcome. Be well.

Gregory Kellett: Sweet! I seem to love that book more and more every time I read it. My favorite is the one where he lets his balloon head float away. I also love the drawings on the dedication page and gratitude page.
Dear Gregory Kellett, I cordially invite you to let your balloon head float away. Yes, there it goes....

Anonymous: that's it, you nailed it....thanks for sharing it.
Glad you connected with the book, stranger. Thank you for reading it.

Mareike Klemp: It's absolutely lovely!! And the drawings are fantastic! The story adorable.... I've sent it along to all my friends, and friends with kids around the world - you should think of doing a printed book.
Great idea, Eike, I will definitely think about a printed version. Thanks for the enthusiastic critique too.

Josh Henig: Waaaaaahoooooooooooo!

Alexandra Davidson: Wow, this is so great! Now all we need is a sound track with your voice reading the words as you turn the pages. Hee.
A sound track, eh? Now there's a fun idea!

Irene: I just checked out the website - the story is adorable - I actually am using one of the images for my desktop background at work (sometimes I just need a little inspiration.)
Don't we all! Glad to be of service. Inspiring is my purpose, in fact.

Carol Levow: Very sweet, congratulations!
I love hearing it was sweet. Thanks, Carol.

Zoe Reddiger: your rhymes are running through my head all day, how fun to know such a dreamer - yay! ;)
Hey, have you considered writing children's books, Zoe?

Mike Best: Your personality, your spirit, your enthusiasm for life and what you care about, make the world somehow a fuller place, a better place, a more joyful place.
Thanks, Mike, that means a lot to me.

Marina Smerling: I am so touched and inspired, seeing you have followed your dream...
Thank you for the encouraging recognition, Marina.

Gloria Best: I have looked at your website several times now and always experience your story with a smile on my face. It is simply wonderful. Bravo and hats off to you. I hope many readers young and old will have the opportunity to see and read your story.
Keep smiling!

Rob Code: I really liked your story. I especially liked the pictures -- very alluring and evocative.
Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but words like alluring and evocative are wonderful words. Thanks, Rob.

Carol McIntyre: This is such a cool book. I enjoyed it very much. I thought I would love to have a copy of it to read to my grandchildren. Especially the one that has just learned to walk at 4 years old. What a wonderful thing you have done by putting it on the web. I hope it goes out to the world in a book format from here.
Thanks, Carol. Learning to walk at 4, eh? If I had printed copies of the book, I'd give him one right away! Thanks for the good wishes.

Bill MacCartney: The site looks fantastic! I like the hidden treats. I've sent it along to a bunch of other people.
Hidden treats are my specialty, Bill. My favorite are on page 25, what the mother and child are saying to each other. Hunt for it!

Eve Brown: Graham! I *LOVE* this book! It is truly and without exaggeration one of the most wonderful, whimsical, inspiring, and touching stories I have ever read (children's or adult's). I am forwarding it to everyone I know, and will definitely read it to Trevor (my son) over and over and over again. I'll also be sure to read it to MYSELF over and over and over again, whenever I feel lost or unnecessarily tied up in my own mental restraints. Bravo, and thank you so much for writing this book, and for sharing it with the world!
Thanks, Eve. Your inspiration is evident and I love to see it. Keep it up.

Teresa Harris: Congratulations!!! Well done on following your heart.
Follow yours too! The world depends on it.

Larry Tarr: I think I'll read this book to my daughter Finley this weekend—I'm sure she will enjoy it.
I think so too, Larry. Thanks for sharing it with her.

Marcus Popetz: Wow....that's great! Is there going to be a published version?
I hope so! Send me a publisher any time.

Jerry Dalrymple: Very creative, fantastic work with photoshop.
Well, I've always liked computer classes, Jerry. But you know that…

Robert McCullough: I'm proud of you, Graham. Can't wait to check it out on a bigger screen.
That's funny, I'm proud of you also, Robert.

Amber Fowler: I can already think of many good people that might get into your idea here and send some fairy dust your way.
I accept.

Stacey Morgenstern: Congrats! So excited. It is wonderful to see your art shared.
Happy Birthday, Stacey!

Chris Jenkins: I just forwarded your book on to my whole family.
You rock, Chris. Thanks for helping me share the book.

Molly Mollin: This is a great gift that you are giving.
Your warm reception of it is a gift too.

Jon Voss: Looks great! Congratulations!
Thank you, Jon, check out the gratitude page.

Shahar Sorek: LOVED IT!!!
Glad to hear it, Shahar. Guard the good things!

Debbie Purdy: Oh, thank you from the heart. Will it be in print?
You're welcome from the heart, Debbie. Thump thump! Print is a good idea


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