Exactly!  Now click to find the other text surprises....

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Rewards For Readers:

To reward repeated readings of The Tightrope Walker's Dream I have crafted every illustration with ~ at least one ~ secret link, which will turn the page for you. Each secret link contains a surprising text message that pops up beneath your cursor before you click—some instructional, some irreverent, and some just plain silly.

Are you able to find them? Can you make your way through the whole book by clicking secret links instead of the page-turning arrows? You'll be rewarded with additional story text if you do.

Try it here:

above the 
yellow star:

hold the
cursor there


Secret links deepen your contact with the story. They encourage you to dig into the images and decide for yourself why the links are placed where they are and where you might have put them. There's no wrong answer. There's a lot of right ones!

Good link!
( I mean luck )

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